Bosch and Novulis enter a close strategic global partnership to enable technology-driven business transformations.

Date:March 16, 2024

Bosch Software and Digital Solutions (SDS), a part of Bosch Global Software Technologies, a fully-owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch GMBH, and Novulis Global Solutions Pvt Ltd are thrilled to announce a global strategic partnership driven by a shared vision for customer-centric solutions and digital transformation.

SDS is the global software powerhouse for the Bosch Group helping enterprises across diverse industries in their digital transformation journeys in creating new digital business models, enabling resilient long-term business operations and accelerate sustainability initiatives.

Novulis Global Solutions Pvt Ltd offers specialized capabilities in niche areas such as Dynamics, Azure and Data and AI have unrivalled Microsoft technology expertise and have enabled sustainable digital transformations through their top-tier global talent pool that delivers industry expertise along with deep understanding of enabling transformative technology services.

Bosch’s deep multi-industry knowledge across the world with its proven track record of delivering end-to-end digital solutions and services combines with Novulis’ unique proposition of empowering global organisations with approachable and fully customised digital services sets the stage for a powerful synergy.

Powerful synergy

Digant Shah, Group President for Bosch Software and Digital Solutions says, “This agreement between Bosch SDS and Novulis is the culmination of strong focus on helping customers drive meaningful business transformation though effective leverage of Microsoft technology stack. This partnership amplifies joint synergies of the two companies spanning technology, industry and geographies to deploy innovative solutions and provide high quality technology service in global markets.”

Amit Sircar, Chairman of Novulis Global Solutions Pvt Ltd says, “I have had the privilege of being associated with Bosch for almost 3 decades now, and have been consistently impressed by the depth of talent in every team I interacted with, and their massive focus on innovation and customer delight. As Novulis starts spreading its wings, we are excited and honoured to have Bosch as a global partner. Together, we make a fantastic team, and I can assure our customers you will only get the best in class services from us.”

Swaminathan K, Head of Global Sourcing, Strategic Partnerships for Bosch Global Software Technologies further adds, “Our partnership is built on mutual trust and is based on a central combined vision to enable businesses to benefit from customized and advanced digital solutions and services that can be quickly scaled-up with optimum outputs in efficiency and business impact. Our partnership has quickly blossomed and grown from the time Novulis became a trusted partner for Bosch’s needs to implement Microsoft’s suite of solutions for our Bosch Global Software Technologies offices in India.”

Jony Lawrence, CEO of Novulis Global Solutions Pvt Ltd adds, “This partnership between Bosch and Novulis is the culmination of a decade-long journey based on trust, collaboration, and shared values. Beyond being partners, we see Bosch as a consortium of innovation, where together we push the boundaries of what’s possible. Our unwavering dedication to a customer-centered approach has been the driving force behind this alliance. We are thrilled to embark on this new chapter, harnessing the power of our combined expertise to deliver unparalleled value and achieve impactful outcomes for our customers.”

By combining our strengths, Bosch and Novulis are poised to revolutionize industries and redefine customer experiences through our collective commitment to innovation and excellence in accelerating the pace of adoption of digital technologies and we aim to push the boundaries to help shape the future of digital transformation.

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