Why Energy Management Technology is Vital for the Future

Date:February 29, 2024

Author name:Nandakumar Sankar

Date:February 29, 2024

Author designation: Head, Sales for Energy, Analytics and Retail Solutions

Over the last several decades of worldwide industrialization, Energy has mostly been viewed as a location-specific issue for individual plants or premises.

Off late though, this topic has also entered boardroom level discussions and I believe that this promises great change for the near future and for the advent of the new Industrial Revolution. As renewable energy is becoming increasingly prominent for the world’s biggest organizations and governments, energy management is thus becoming more critical and significant than ever before.


This change has been triggered because organizations are beginning to realize the importance of using energy data to also look at hidden inefficiencies in processes. They have begun to witness and measure the impact of this energy data on their bottom line as well and this is driving major change in the industry. In fact, it is not just the organizations who can benefit from this; it has been found that all stakeholders from the customer to the shareholder can massively benefit from gaining visibility and insights into how energy is consumed, conserved and reused.


This has led to a situation where visibility is required into energy processes right from the farm to the table. It encompasses looking at stages that run from the processing of raw materials to the consumption of finished goods in our homes, irrespective of the scale and industry. This is made easier and possible because today we have the technology and the skilled manpower to make this happen and to derive the most benefit of this visibility This end-to-end visibility can be easily acquired and controlled. With the help of various sensors and software-based solutions, customers and stakeholders alike can get all the information they need. They can make optimal use of this data to draw insights that go above and beyond just energy management. This can ultimately lead to a world that is ready to embrace the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

In order to achieve this, bridging the gap between information technology and energy solutions is vital. For many years these entities have all existed separately in silos, so removing these traditional boundaries can make a world of difference. This has been made all the more easier thanks to the ease of connectivity and advancements in technology today.

In my next post, I’ll be delving deeper into what this data actually looks like and how it can enable countries, companies and consumers to head towards a clean, green and sustainable future. Watch this space.

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