Intelligent Transport Management – A Case Study of a Leading Airport in India

Date:February 29, 2024

Author name:Suresh Kumar

Date:February 29, 2024

Author designation: Head, Smart Cities/Campus in Robert Bosch Engineering and Business solutions

This employees of a leading airport in India faced issues in their travel within the airport. For e.g.:

  1. The employees working the airport had to walk for very long distances to travel between various cargo terminals and other locations within the airport complex
  2. The management staff preferred to take pooled taxis to reach various destinations to avoid unpredictability

To overcome this problem the airport authorities introduced shuttle system. This resulted in newer set of problems to both the Airport Authority as well as the employees.

  1. As per this new system it was required that the employees be aware of the Estimated time of arrival and the real-time information about the shuttles
  2. An efficient fleet management system employed for efficient management of the shuttle fleets, thereby leading to successful monitoring and efficient utilization of the fleet was required


Bosch lands into the Airport

Bosch is solving problems of multiple personas in a single shot with its Intelligent Transport Management System. This system is bringing in huge efficiencies and additional benefits into the system. Bosch has come up with end-to-end solution and ownership including – designing solution and use cases, deployment and installation, commissioning, operations and maintenance.

Bosch lands into the Airport


The Bosch Solution

  • Passenger Information System (PIS) at the bus stops: All the real time information like the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) is now made available to the employees commuting between different cargo terminals and hence they can take a call whether to wait for the bus or to go by other means of transport and thereby increase the scope of planning. Over a period of time the analytics derived from the data helps the Airport Authority to design efficient fleet system with maximum utilization and convenience.
  • Fleet Management System helps the users with:
    • Live tracking – The airport authorities will be able to live track the status of all the shuttles in operation resulting in close monitoring of the routes taken by the shuttles leading to better management
    • Dashboard and Reporting – The regular report gives information about the number of trips, deviation in routes, times of arrival/departure etc. This helps the authority in improving operational efficiency and cost structure by ensuring avoidance of pilferage
  • Geolocation based information inside the bus: The passengers gets the information about next stop, delay in arrival etc. which makes the passengers informed about their journeys and thereby help them manage individual pursuits more efficiently
  • Mobile Application: Helps the passengers to live track as well as search bus information with the respective Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and hence take informed decisions


Fruits of the solution

Fruits of the solution

  • Benefits to the Management
    • Congestion avoidance – Now the authorities are able to manage the fleet very efficiently and hence avoiding congestion which used to previously happen due to pooled taxis and shuttles
    • Need for taxis eliminated – With productive efficiency brought-in by the Bosch’s Intelligent Transport Management solution, the employees no more feel the need for pooled taxis
    • Reduction in Carbon footprint – With no more taxis in use, there is a huge reduction in carbon footprint inside the Airport premises thereby making the Airport more green
  • Benefits to the employees/Airport staff
    • Convenience – With the availability of real-time information and improved availability of shuttles, the employees now find greater convenience during their daily commute within the premises
    • Economical – Now the passengers no more have the need to use their personal money for the pooled cars and hence bringing in greater financial efficiencies

With such a transformation of the airport, it is no exaggeration to say that Bosch has revolutionized the in-campus transport system of the Airport and made a remarkable change to the lives of the airport staff and authorities.

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