Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots – A Paradigm Shift in Application Rollout and User Training!

Date:February 29, 2024

Author name:Srinivasulu Nasam

Date:February 29, 2024

Author designation: Head – Center of Excellence and Line of Business, Bosch

Traditionally any enterprise application rollout will have complex planning for rollout, change management and most importantly end user training. Change Management and end user training will get further complicated if the application scope is beyond organization boundaries covering suppliers and partners.

An example of this took place when a leading automotive manufacturer wanted an application being rolled out to a huge number of internal and external users. The purpose of the application was to Digitize Shipment of 30,000 + Automotive components to various OEMs across the country. The key Challenge faced was to ensure that Right components are shipped to the Right plant at the Right time. All this done while ensuring all stakeholders involved in the supply chain should have clear visibility & traceability of the parts.

visibility & traceability

Bosch provided a robust and innovative IoT Solution that enables OEMs to perform real time tracking of their parts and shipment using integrated technologies like GPS and RFID. With all components put in place the solution was ready for live in Azure cloud and then the next steps of user training and change management process have to be taken care. As the solution is set to evolve over time, this challenge was further getting complex to extend the training and knowledge to all users across the supply chain.


This is where the Microsoft AI powered Chatbot LUIS comes to rescue the project team to simplify the complex situation. Instead of training the entire user community, we had to train LUIS to learn about the application, features and finding information on behalf of end users. Chat window is the primary access point for users to interact with the application in Web and Mobile apps. Users could ask when is their component getting delivered – LUIS checks the status and responds. Or user could ask show me the current location of goods – LUIS would bring the live map up for user to view the transportation status.

Microsoft AI powered Chatbot

With the Bot layer, there was no new training or learning required for all end users, all they have to do is type in the request in chat window, and LUIS does the hard work of finding the answer. This simplifies the complete user training and rollout phase of the enterprise application to great extent as one has to train only the Bot. Also there is no need for all users to go through user manuals to understand different application menus, features etc. For any deeper insights, LUIS would bring up the link for specific feature to open up or can show the user manual section for quick reference. Also as the application evolves, LUIS would learn the new features on behalf of all users and be ready to support.

All project managers appreciate the simplicity of training one user over thousands and also reduced timelines and project budgets. Chatbots provide efficient, reliable, no delay conversational interfaces boosting productivity.

We believe that AI powered Chatbot will redefine the role of a Bot from answering simple user queries to an assistant to user to perform tasks, continuously learn. Coupling these capabilities with voice based assistants in modern devices will further improve the productivity of users and enrich the user experience.


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